Archangel Lessons


Gabriel and the angels of guidance will help you to understand and perform your life’s calling.

In the Book of Daniel, Gabriel helps the prophet to interpret his visions and gives him wisdom and understanding.

In Luke, Gabriel tells Mary that she will be the mother of the Son of God. Muslims believe that Gabriel instructed the prophets and dictated the Koran to Muhammad.

Leonardo da Vinci – Annunciazione 1472

Gabriel and his angels will help you to understand the plan that you, your Higher Self and a board of spiritual beings worked out for your life before you were born.

They will help you to remember what you need to do to fulfill that plan and to meet the people who can help you carry it out.

These angels will also help you to defend your life plan against whatever opposes it—things like discouragement, ridicule and lack of money and resources.

They will help you to organize your life so that you are able to fulfill your daily obligations while working toward your larger goals.

The angels of guidance will speak to you when you make a point of listening to them. One of the best techniques for summoning angelic guidance is to ask the angels to transfer information to your mind while you sleep. In fact, they may already be doing this.

Have you ever awakened with a wonderful, positive feeling and a sense of direction? If you have, it’s a good bet that your soul has been in the angels’ spiritual homes while your body was asleep.

Use the following technique to increase your nightly contact. And then hold on to those happy thoughts as you make your life happen with the angels of guidance!


Connect with Archangel Gabriel and the Angels of Hope and Guidance

COLOR: White
ARCHANGEL: Gabriel, “God is my strength”
SPIRITUAL HOME: Between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California
Spiritual gifts: guidance in creating your spiritual life; revelation of your life plan and purpose; dissolution of discouragement; joy, happiness and fulfillment.
Practical assistance: help in establishing discipline and order in your life: the organization of your emotional, mental and physical environment, including such things as home purchases and new directions in your education and career.
World service: help in organizing peacekeeping operations, distribution of food and medical assistance, relief for victims of natural disasters.

How angels help us

Archangel Gabriel is your friend. If there is one thing you should remember about him, it is this.

He says: “I am your friend. You know me well. And when you see me coming and you are in your light body in the etheric highways you say, ‘Hail, Gabriel, friend of old!’ And we greet one another as comrades and we embrace.”

On another occasion Gabriel promised, “I am Gabriel, Comforter of Life…. I am here and I shall not leave you, each one, until you shall have fulfilled your reason for being.”

Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope serve on the white ray, which corresponds to the base-of-the-spine chakra.

It represents the purity of God, perfection, discipline, joy, and of course, hope. Archeia Hope displaces despair and endows us with hope.

Gabriel and Hope’s retreat is between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California, in the heaven-world on the etheric plane.

It is extended for the protection of San Francisco through the retreat of the Goddess of Purity.

The retreats of the archangels have a vast energy field of concentration, and the presence of these retreats accounts for the great purity of this area of Northern California.

The retreat was present long before the sinking of Lemuria and was destined to show forth the pristine pattern of purity for the entire continent of Mu and for the Western Hemisphere.

Gabriel and Hope also serve at the Temple of the Resurrection over the Holy Land and at the Ascension Temple at Luxor, Egypt.

The name Gabriel means “God is my strength” or “man or hero of God.”

His symbol is the lily. In the Old Testament, Archangel Gabriel is the messenger sent by God to interpret Daniel’s visions and to give him understanding and wisdom.

Jewish tradition says Gabriel prepared Moses and Joseph, son of Jacob, for leadership. In rabbinic writings, Gabriel is the prince of justice.

In one system of the Kabbalah, Gabriel embodies Yesod, the ninth sefirah on the Tree of Life. Yesod is the foundation and represents the procreative life force of the universe. 

Muslims call Gabriel the Spirit of Truth. In Islamic tradition he is described as the Angel of Revelation who repeatedly came to instruct the prophets. Muslims believe that Gabriel was the angel who dictated the Koran to Muhammad. 

In Christian tradition Gabriel is the Angel of the Annunciation and of the Incarnation. He sponsors the incarnation of the Christ in each of us. Gabriel announced to Zacharias that John the Baptist would be born to his wife, Elizabeth.

Gabriel announced to Mary that she would bear the Christ Child, Jesus, and told Joseph that Mary was with child. At the soul level, Gabriel also tells fathers- and mothers-to-be when it is time to conceive and bring forth children.

The ascension

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of the annunciation of the ascension. He comes to say to you, “In this life God has ordained that you may make your ascension, that you may reunite with him never more to reincarnate, to re-embody.”

And he says, I give that annunciation to every son and daughter of God who is destined to ascend. I give it to them in their final embodiment.

Whether they hear it or not, it is delivered to their soul and it is what impels them to know more and want more because they sense that the reunion with God is also the reunion with the twin flame and with the Eternal Guru who is God.

Archangel Gabriel instructs your soul as to how you can walk the path of the ascension.

The rite of the ascension, he says, is not reserved for the few. He will teach you how to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, how to balance your karma, how to serve to set life free.

Gabriel teaches that if you follow the spiritual path and invoke the violet flame, you can ascend at the end of this life unless severe karma dictates a final embodiment in which you would be required to balance your remaining karma.

Even the ascension is not an end—it is the beginning of your eternal life as a co-creator with God.

When you ascend, you are no longer bound to a single planet or confined to a flesh body. You retain your individuality, yet you have a celestial body.

You move through the cosmos with the Elohim in ever-new self-transcending creation. There is simply boundless and unlimited opportunity for the expression of freedom.

The joyous archangel

Gabriel calls himself “the joyous archangel.” He says in no uncertain terms that there is a war to be won for the saving of your soul, a war that you yourself must wage, and yet this path can still be one of perpetual joy. Gabriel teaches:

“It is mandatory that you roll up your sleeves and recognize that you are responsible for each errant footstep [that you have ever taken in this and all previous lives]…. By directing the violet flame … into those records of those footsteps and all events that ensued thereby, you may balance your karma….”

Unless you retrace your footsteps, another may follow them and step into the pitfalls of your former self and former path.

This is an age when the true seekers of God must recognize a cosmic accountability for thoughts and feelings sown in the winds.

There is joy in this path as no other joy you have ever known…. There is joy in conquering! There is joy in defeating the enemy that lurks within the garments of yourself.

Whether it be the enemy of greed, or the enemy of overindulgence in food, as gluttony, whether it be the enemy of selfishness or spiritual blindness—there is a joy in conquering.

There is a joy self-fulfilling in becoming all that you are.

One thing I have observed about joy—we need to prime the pump of the well until we finally get the water of joy.

We need to embrace a spirit of joy if we wish to receive and hold the joy of angels.

Bank the fires of the heart with joy to rid yourself of hardness of heart, criticism, condemnation, judgment, and gossip regarding others.

Keep your thoughts high, and when you see people coming toward you, don’t evaluate or judge them but see them as their inner True Self, their Christ Presence.

See the light around them, their angels with them. Reinforce that and greet them with the same joy that Jesus has.

This takes effort. You cannot just paste on the feelings of joy or rely on a formula or a success course.

You are a conscious being with the potential to realize God, and you have the free will to do so.

Archangel Gabriel says that to maintain the spirit of joy you have to learn how to hold onto the light—because your light is your joy and your joy is your light.

He says, “To determine to hold light, to have light, to be light, to know the light, and to be the servant of the light even while becoming the master of that light, this is the calling of the hour.”

How do you do this? Protect the light you have garnered by not misusing it in wrong thoughts, attitudes and deeds. Protect the light in the base-of-the-spine chakra and in all of your chakras.

When you give devotions to your I AM Presence, you magnetize that energy and it ascends from the base chakra to the crown chakra.

Gabriel says that the spirit of joy comes to you when light is flowing in your chakras.

When you raise the pure light of the base chakra to the crown and hold that light in your chakras, you can be highly creative in your job, in your home, everywhere you go.

You are full of ideas because that light is pulsating. Those who conserve the Mother light are the most creative individuals in every field.

They are also the most joyous. Joy in the heart is the fire of creativity.

Ask Gabriel and his angels to help you maintain and recapture the joyful spirit, even as they help you to recapture and keep the light. When you protect that light, you have energy, strength, vitality in your being.

This is why we give prayers and mantras of protection to Archangel Michael. The angels cannot lawfully give us any more light on a daily basis than we will protect. If we let our light go down the drain through some argument or discord or problem we’re having, God will not keep pouring his light into our vessel, a vessel that continually leaks out the light. 

When you are strong because God’s light is in you, you can work the works of God. That light nourishes all your organs. Without that light in flow, Gabriel says, degeneration, decay, disease, and death set in. He says that the flow of light in your chakras from the base to the crown was designed by God to keep you in a state of sheer ecstasy and joy and in perfect health.


Start to create your personal connection with the Archangel

Set up your angels altar

Make notes in your journal

What are some hopes and dreams you would like help from the Angels?  Write down three and then repeat this prayer with deep meditation:

“Beloved Archangel Gabriel and Hope, guide my thoughts and feelings, protect and purify my hopes and dreams.  I thank you for your most gracious presence with me now.”

Set up your angels altar

Visit the retreat of Gabriel and Hope

In the name of my own Real Self, I call to the angels to take me in my soul consciousness to the etheric retreat of Archangel Gabriel and the angels of guidance, located between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California.
I ask that I be filled and inspired with the will of God. And I ask Archangel Gabriel for _____ [insert request].  I ask that all information necessary for the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required.
I thank you and I accept it done this hour in full power.

Set up your angels altar

Beloved Gabriel


“I am here and I shall not leave you…until you have fulfilled your reason for being.”

Archangel Gabriel

Help spread the light and love of the archangels!